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Euro FootGolf HUNGARY 2021

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Lausanne, Switzerland, 3 of August 2021.

The third edition of the Euro FootGolf is around the corner. Between September 28th and October 3rd, the sixteen strongest European Nations will be competing with their national teams.

The event will take place in a new venue that will welcome FootGolf for the first time, The Greenfield Golf & Country Club in Bük, Hungary.

Greenfield Golf & Country Club in Bük, Hungary.


Euro FootGolf 2021 Team Competiton

16 Countries divided into 4 groups. The best two of each group will qualify to the quarterfinals. The tournament format is Match Play.

Women and Senior Men Individual Competition

Besides the Nations Championship, the Euro 21 has incorporated a new discipline – individual Women and Men Senior European Competition. They will be competing in a 4-day tournament.

The current World Champions Sophie Brown and Stefano Grigolo have been invited to the event. Also, each Country can take 2 players for each category (Women and Men Senior), to represent their Country. Furthermore, the best 5 players of the EuroFootGolf Tour (Region 3) Rankings in Men Senior and Women (until August 31st) will qualify to the event.

Euro FootGolf History

There has been two previous editions of the Euro FootGolf - 2017 in France and 2019 in United Kingdom. Both editions were won by UK. The competition worldwide becomes more competitive every year. Can UK win its third straight title?

We invite you to check out the the Euro FootGolf 2021 offical website for more information:



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