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Developing FootGolf in Kazakhstan!

Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) Announces the Launch of FootGolf in Kazakhstan.

The Federation International FootGolf (FIFG) is thrilled to announce the official launch of

FootGolf in Kazakhstan. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new era for sports enthusiasts in Kazakhstan, as FootGolf combines the precision and strategy of golf with the dynamic and engaging elements of football.

President's Statement

Speaking at the launch event, FIFG President Aleksander Kravanja expressed his excitement about the introduction of FootGolf in Kazakhstan. "I am honoured to be here today to celebrate this momentous occasion. Over the past three days, we conducted a

comprehensive inspection visit and consulted with key stakeholders in numerous meetings. The enthusiasm and commitment to Footgolf we have witnessed here are truly inspiring, I express my gratitude to the President of the Kazakhstan FootGolf Federation (KFGF), Yerbol Bukharbayev, and his outstanding team to develop FootGolf in this beautiful country" he said.

Opportunities and Development

The launch includes integrating FootGolf into several premier golf courses across Kazakhstan, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages and skill

levels. The FIFG has also studied and discussed different models for integrating FootGolf

into existing golf courses, ensuring both sports can coexist harmoniously and maximize the

use of these facilities.

In addition to existing golf courses, the FIFG is committed to developing new Urban

FootGolf courses. These courses will make the sport more accessible to a broader

audience, particularly in densely populated areas, fostering community engagement and

encouraging physical activity.

Kazakhstan as a Regional Hub

Kazakhstan will be the connecting member country to develop the Central Asian region.

This strategic role highlights Kazakhstan's leadership and commitment to expanding

FootGolf across neighbouring countries. As a central hub, Kazakhstan will facilitate regional

cooperation, share best practices, and drive the growth of FootGolf throughout Central


FIFG President, Aleks Kravanja in the presentation of FootGolf in Kazakhstan

Commitment to Olympic Values

The FIFG is proud to announce the integration of new governance, integrity, development,

safe sport, and sustainability standards of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) into

our onboarding process. "We share all Olympic values and are committed to protecting

them, from governance standards and integrity to ensuring clean and safe sport," said

President Aleksander Kravanja. The FIFG aims to be recognized as an IOC sport and

aspires to participate in the Olympic Games one day.

Future Prospects

The Kazakhstan FootGolf Federation has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the

growth and integrity of FootGolf. Their efforts to establish a robust national infrastructure

and promote the sport through community engagement and events are commendable.

Under their leadership, FootGolf is set to thrive and become a beloved sport in Kazakhstan

and beyond. Announced was also the launch of The Golden Horde FootGolf Cup what will

be included also in the Calendar of the FIFG World Tour.


President Aleksander Kravanja expressed his deepest gratitude to everyone who

contributed to making this launch possible. "The collaborative spirit and enthusiasm I have

witnessed over the past few days have been truly inspiring. As we embark on this exciting

journey together, I am confident that FootGolf will succeed and flourish in Kazakhstan and

the wider Central Asian region."


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