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2024 FIFG Majors Awarded!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Record maximum prize money in the 6 Majors of 2024!

The Competition Committee established the FIFG Bid Evaluation Committees (BEC) to fairly, transparently and independently award each region's Majors and FIFG 500s.

In Region 1 and 2, the Majors were allocated directly as there was one country on each region bidding for it. However, in Region 3 - Europe - the process differed from the other regions due to the number of bidders and volume of tournaments. The Committee was chaired by Guy Pernet (Switzerland/Finance Committee) along with Cathal Jenkinson (Ireland/World Cup Committee), Eric Hanss (France/Competitions Committee) and Lorena Rodríguez (Spain/Women's Committee).

2024 FIFG Majors will have a Record Maximum Prize Money of 88,000 EUR! Don't miss the dates:

  • Mexico - 21 March 2024

  • Slovakia - 6 June 2024

  • Sweden - 1 August 2024

  • England - 23 August 2024

  • Portugal - 26 September 2024

  • Argentina - November 2024 (date TBA)

The bidding process

The BEC received the bid documents and presentation material from all bidders. Each country was then invited to a 30-minute slot over Zoom to present their bid and answer a range of questions from the Committee members. The same 4 Committee members scored all candidates using a matrix based on the sections of the bid document. For example, prize fund, value for players, media, tournament management and entry fees; all areas either players or FIFG would desire from a successful event. The bids were scored in each section following agreement by the Committee. The section scores were totalled out of 100 points available, and the top 3 bids, as well as notes on the process, were forwarded to the European Board for approval. This was signed off and issued to the FIFG board.

The same process was followed for the FIFG 500 events, with ten tournaments being awarded this honour. The Committee forwarded the results to the European Board, which approved the FIFG 500s.

Asia withdrew their bid for the major for economic reasons. As such, the sixth major had to be approved again with the same process as described. The only region that had an excess of bidders for the Majors, was Region 3. As was previously announced, we had a delay of five days to follow the correct procedure and process. Finally, the fourth best bid from the Majors was awarded the 4th Region 3 Major for 2024.

Masters 1500 to be announced

The provisional date for the Masters 1500 is between April 18th and 28th. The FIFG will coordinate the exact date and location with the organiser. This edition of the Masters will be supported by staff, organisation, and media help from the FIFG because it is the most important tournament of this season. The date and location will be announced in January.

The FIFG 500 dates will be announced in the coming days because we have not received the final decisions from Region 2 and Region 4. Some coordinators are overseeing the FIFG 250 allocation in all regions to ensure clashes are avoided. This is expected to be completed in the next two weeks. After this, the member countries can also announce the FIFG 100 tournaments.

Listening to the players

This year, we established a transparent and systematic process. We have listened to the players, member countries and different regions. After the bid process was finished, we received several suggestions for improvements. After a review, we will discuss what improvements we will have next year. The member countries must take this bid process seriously and prepare well for the bid. Also, a FIFG non-playing official will be in all majors this year to compare what was promised and delivered. If a member country wants to host a FIFG major next year, it has to invite a FIFG official to monitor one reference tournament. All details will be published in the first quarter of 2024.

"We are very grateful to all the FIFG member countries, all the volunteers who help and the sponsors for making such a leap possible!" - The FIFG Board


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