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Encourage, promote, develop and control FootGolf at all levels throughout the world. Exercise jurisdiction over and to determine disputes or disagreements between Members, between Continental Federations and between Members and Continental Federations.


Establish and maintain an efficient administration. Preserve the independence of the FIFG in all matters directly or indirectly concerning FootGolf without the intervention of any outside authority. Conduct itself and take such administrative, financial or other actions as are necessary and in conformity with and in furtherance of its objects.

The Federation for International FootGolf recognises only one national organization per country.  Players must be affiliated their national FIFG Member Country of birth or permanent residence and should contact our representatives in their country for questions or more information. Players from countries where the FIFG has non-active member, please use this Form.




The game of FootGolf is played from the teeing zone with each player aiming for the hole on the green zone in the fewest number of kicks. It is played with minimal supervision of a marshal and depends on the integrity of the player to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules.


All footgolfers should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner demonstrating courtesy at all times and sportsmanship regardless of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of FootGolf.


When people hear about FootGolf for the first time many have already visualized the sport,  but there was one man responsible for the style of the game that many of us have grown to love. The FIFG is pleased to announce  Michael Jansen as one of the Creators of FootGolf as we play today, and as a mark of respect the FIFG have offered him the role of Ambassador.

Michael JANSEN

FIFG Ambassador

Honorary Board Member

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